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Self Storage

People move around a lot these days and tend to have more stuff than ever. Maybe you have rooms of items or furniture you want to keep, but have no place to store it. We can provide a great, safe place to put your valuable belongings.

Some of our customers prefer to rent a larger unit so they have room to work with and can spread out their stuff; this method can help you to know where everything is at all times. We can also give you our own personal assessment on what size unit will be the best fit for your amount of items.

We cater to college students, moving families, soldiers on deployment, and more!


We have storage for:

  • Household goods storage
  • Commercial goods storage
  • RV and trailer storage
  • Boat storage

We also offer:

  • 7 days a week access
  • Competitive rates
  • Many sizes of storage
storage units

Key Benefits of Our Facility:

  • All of the lockers have wood floors, which prevents problems with condensation
  • Security cameras on the property and owners live onsite
  • Renters can have access to their units 7 days a week

Unit Sizes

The best size unit depends on your needs, the size of the furniture and how you prefer to stack your stuff inside the unit. 

  • 8X8 - fits small appliances, tool sheds, storage for seasonal items
  • 8X10 - can house mid-size appliances, small rental trucks, 2 rooms worth of furniture
  • 8X16 - medium size rental truck, 3-4 rooms worth of furniture
  • 8X20 - large size rental truck, 5-6 rooms worth of furniture
  • 10X20 - can store a full house worth of furniture
storage units

Locks & Contracts

Locks for the units are sold on site. We use industry-wide acceptable padlocks (they can’t be cut with wire cutters). Most people rent month-to-month, but there are also long-term contracts available. For long-term contracts, you can rent 6 months or 1 year in advance. You will get 1 month free if you enter into a long-term contract.

Contracts must be signed in order to rent a unit, and a picture ID will be checked for everyone that comes to the site.

Guido's Self Storage lockers

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I've got a 2 bedroom apartment, what size unit will I need?
A: We have someone here that will help gauge the best size unit for your needs.

Q: What is the length of a standard contract?
A: Typically month-to-month, but long term contracts are available.

Q: Do I need my own lock?
A: All units must have a lock, but they can be purchased on site.

Q: Can someone else gain access to my locker?
A: Only if that person is on the contract and has a key to the unit.

Q: Do you have insurance?
A: Renters can pay an additional fee to purchase insurance.

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